My Mama had pride in her home

As you drive down the roads of Tennessee, one can see which homeowners have pride of home ownership.  The farmhouse I grew up in exhibited such pride.  My mama was always cleaning, mowing, washing, straightening up, or landscaping around this farmhouse…and it showed!

This view from the road never changed.  When you drove by our farmhouse one could see the “pride of ownership” that come from the work of my mama.  “Pride of ownership” is actually a term used by insurance companies to describe an insured’s home or farm.

Is being proud a bad thing?

Have you heard the saying, “Pride goeth before a fall”, or “God hates a proud look”?  A proud person usually is a “turn-off”.  I mean, who likes the attitude of a person who is “full of him or herself”?  Such a person will brag on what they have accomplished and what they have done to get there.  You see,  pride is a matter of the heart.  It all begins in the heart of a person and soon pride shows its ugly self in the person’s words as they use pronouns like, “I” or “me” or “my”.  All humans do exhibit a proud heart at times, but when I text my daughters or my son to let them know how proud I am of them and their accomplishments, my pride in them is a good thing, I believe.  I want to encourage them because I know I am encouraged by such words when someone else tells me they are proud of me.

An Insurance Term

So just as in life, within the insurance industry, “pride of ownership” can mean good or bad as well.  You take care of your home or farm while keeping it clean and well-maintained and you are showing “pride of ownership”.  Letting weeds grow up and gutters fall down and so on, demonstrates a lack of “pride of ownership”.  That’s the ugly side, because when I call insurance clients to encourage them to clean up their place, they become defensive.  They actually are kind of proud because they are working so much that they don’t have the time to “clean things up”.

Be a good insured and keep your home and yard clean and well-maintained.  You’ll be glad you did!

Willie Mae Sparkman (Feb 26, 1931-Jan 7, 2018)

My mama was a humble human being.  I don’t think I ever heard a bragging word come from her mouth. (Daddy sure did brag on her!  He once told me the story of quietly watching Mama make the bed and how she was so careful to do it right.  It was just a normal morning thing Mama did every day but to Daddy it was a blessing!)  So Mama’s pride in her home was simply because she wanted to take care of what God had given her and to be an example to the next generations…and an example she was!

Thanks Mama!  I’ll miss you!  Ryan

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  1. Bless your heart! We’re certainly sorry to hear of your loss. Im sure she was a wonderful mother. The home place is gorgeous and something to be proud of for sure. God bless you.

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