Making a career a joy and not a job

Sunday was Father’s Day 2016.  I was blessed to have my children and grandchildren visiting for the weekend.  I also spent time reflecting on the life of my own father who passed away in 2002.

W. C Sparkman was a very hard working man who loved his family and desired to provide the best he could for them. He worked to put all three of us boys through college. We always had enough. He also desired to lead his family to do right in all we pursued and to give our best. When I would hurriedly half do a job just to finish it quickly he would always say, “What if everyone did that?” He was a man of integrity and godly principles. These principles were passed on to us children and grandchildren. He was self employed as a dairy farmer all of his life. Why?…because he loved what he did…the farm life brought him joy! He told me many times how after a hard day’s work he felt a great sense of accomplishment and worth which in turn would create strength to make it through the tough times and lean times. It was a joy for him to get up early and work hard all day to produce milk products for folks he didn’t even know!

My father

So I will make this post short by concluding with a question. Is your insurance agent a joy to work with or do you dread when he or she calls you? Not all insurance agents are created equal. In other words, insurance gets a bad wrap many times. As I stated in my second post this year I find this profession to be a noble one.  What I do brings me joy…and not only to me but I desire to help those I serve experience the same emotion.
Joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.
My career is not a JOB, it is a JOY!

I enjoy helping people protect what is important to them; from their family to their business, to their autos and home or farm. When we know we have done our best, we bring joy to all we touch! …and that’s the way it should be!

Thanks Daddy!

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    1. Thank you Ms Bea! I have gotten more comments on this one than any other so far. I’m just starting out and learning how to blog and even write effectively so my message is understood and help folks. Ryan

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