Show your family how much you love them by…

There are many ways we can show our families how much we love them!   Spending time with them, talking with them, cuddling with them, supporting them, encouraging them, and giving of ourselves to them in many other ways are just a few thoughts on how we can show our families how much we love them.

Love Insurance

Why not purchase love insurance?  You are saying, ‘What?”  Yeah, love insurance…that’s what I like to call life insurance.  For life insurance is for the family you leave behind, not for yourself!  Leave them a life insurance benefit that will help pay your debts, final expenses, or help keep a flow of income for your family coming in for many years.  I have written about this twice before in this blog, but it’s true:  Leaving a legacy is more important than leaving things.  Part of that legacy involves planning on your part and part of that planning is to insure your life with a policy that would help your family meet their needs after you are six feet under!

A Love Story

I have shared this story before about how my father was a planner…a preparer.  He loved his family.  He was not the “affectionate type” of father and grandfather.  Daddy didn’t show his love for us in that way but he sure did in other ways.  Even in his death he showed his love for us by preparing… preparing to die and leave my mother and the farm with no debt.  He did this by purchasing a life insurance policy many years before.  The benefit from that policy was just enough to pay off the farm loan he had carried for many years!  That check was a blessing to our mother.

Dad was a believer in life insurance.  So much so that he sent a young life insurance agent to my and Robin’s home right after we got married.  He also purchased life insurance on me while I was managing the dairy farm.  In case something happened to me he wanted help to keep the farm going.

Yes Daddy loved his family and I am very grateful to him for all he did for us.  And as I grow older I look at myself and see that I am doing what he did in many ways.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

So, there are thousands of life insurance stories out there like my dad’s.  Go find more at

I hope it will change your life.