Back to School! …Learning the three “R’s”…of insurance?

Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic…have been a fundamental part of education in our country since the beginning. Well, at least here in the South…

What about the three “R’s” of a good insurance agent. Most insurance agents are people persons. They enjoy meeting and helping people. Your insurance agent is no different than your doctor, your pastor, or your financial advisor. These important leaders in your life are selected by you to help you because ,simply, you like them.

So what are the three “R’s” of a good insurance agent?  Let’s look at these and then measure your agent up against what I share.

  1. Relationship

    1. Do you know your insurance agent well?
    2. Do they know your name and face?
    3. Many folks do not know their agent’s name.  Do you know their name!?
    4. Can you call or text them at any time?
    5. Do they call you or send you a card on your birthday?
  2. Response

    1. How long does it take for your agent to respond to a voice mail or message you left for them?
    2. Do they make you feel like you are bothering them or are they always pleasant to talk to when you call.
  3. Resources

    1. Do they hire good customer service reps to help you when the agent cannot?
    2. Do they have many companies in which to shop from to find you the best fit for you insurance needs…or do they just have one?


If your agent lines up with all of these qualities, you have a good insurance agent…keep him or her.  If not, find someone who does.  It’s that simple.

The link to my video on this subject is here.  Check it out!