If time flies, I must be its pilot!

Wow!  I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything in this blog since October 13th!  Where does time go?  My goal is to post at least once per month and to share the same message or topic I do on YouTube.  Oh well, I have good intentions, don’t I?

We all have good intentions but we just don’t make the important things a priority each day.  Time can get away and all of a sudden we are down the river without a paddle and find ourselves in some rough waters that overwhelm us and then something bad happens.  It happens to you…it happens to me.  Why?  We are human and flawed and must be proactive if we are to change things in our lives.

Take Christmas shopping for an example.  I remember one year on my way through a town in Middle Tennessee coming back from a meeting in Nashville I stopped by a mall to shop for my family.  It was 2 days before Christmas.  I believe I purchased 10 gifts that afternoon…all in one store!   I am not much of a shopper.  Time had gotten away and I kept putting it off.

In 2017, however, I am now finished by December 15th.  Ordering on-line makes it so much easier!  But again, it really just boils down to making time, planning the time, to do things that you could easily put off.  Time moves faster and faster as I get older!  It seems like yesterday that I was helping my mother put up Chirstmas decorations around our farm house. (I reminisce a lot this time of year about those days!)  Hey, it seems like yesterday that I

was just dreaming of walking my girls down the isle to get married!   Now I have 4 grandkids!  Wow!  I must be having a real fun life cause you know what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Well I am having fun! (Grandkids really make life more fun!) Life should be fun.  Making the right decisions and spending your time efficiently each day is rewarding.  But time is flying so in 2018, PACT will be my theme.

P=Productive daily

A=Action taken daily

C=Consistency in doing

T=Time well spent daily

Therefore I make a pact between me and you to make a difference this year in people’s lives around me as I watch time more carefully because, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” 

How and why should we prepare?

How do you prepare for the Fall and Winter months?  I prepare my autos and camper by winterizing them.  I prepare for winter by cutting firewood—or I did that when we had a wood stove (I miss that).  I prepare for winter by firing up my generator and cleaning it out.  I prepare for the holidays by planning family gatherings, well, my wife really does the preparing.  In the broader sense, I prepare for retirement…only faith in God will get us through…by having a plan on paper and then actually implementing that plan.  We have started way too late…another story…oh well.  I prepare for death by having life insurance and written final plans for my family to follow.  That’s the how I prepare.  But why do we prepare…or should prepare?  That’s the question.

“Be prepared”

“Be prepared” is the motto of many organizations.  Preparing for a job interview, for school day, for a ball game require two things…thought and action.  Do you think in an organized manner or are you like me who thoughts are all over the place unless I have a plan written down in front of me.
Focusing is so important on any task but in preparing for something important focusing will strengthen your preparation.  That’s why today there are fewer commercial airline accidents because they now prepare their flight by going over a preflight checklist!  Surgeons also use a checklist.  I was prepped very thoroughly before my open heart surgeries years ago and I am so thankful for that!  Then surgery team followed a checklist to be sure they did everything and did not leave anything inside me!

So we prepare to help avoid costly mistakes or loss!

WalMart, Lowe’s, & Kroger

I even prepare for when I go into WalMart, Lowe’s, or Kroger.  I have a list of what I need if I were to go to one of these stores.  When I do go into these store to get something my phone will buzz with a reminder to pick up that something else I have on the list.  Many times I look at the list then get to shopping and my mind will go elsewhere and I am then walking out of the store without that certain item or items my reminder brought to my attention.  I must have a list…I must be looking at the list or I will forget!

Prepare for the “what ifs”

I wrote about planning for tomorrow as far as tasks and appointments goes last year in one of my posts, but are you planning for the “what if…”?  What if we have an ice storm and the electricity goes out?  What if I have an auto accident and I become disabled for the rest of my life?  What if your home is destroyed by fire?  What if your corn crop is destroyed by wind or fire or hail?  What if, What if?  Many people choose to not prepare for the “what ifs”.  They say they want to save their money and take the chance instead of taking the time and money to prepare for a “what if”.

Don’t gamble on life, on your family, on your assets, or yourself.  The stakes are too high.  So make a list…check it twice!  Then act on the steps in that list.

Prepare today for the “what ifs” of tomorrow.