Why I Follow the 12 Week Year Plan for Setting Goals

The 12 Week Year plan could be your new path to setting and reaching your goals!  The first month of 2017 has come and gone already!  February is here…so where are you?  Where are you on your 2017 goals and resolutions you made?  Well, if two of you are reading this article, stats say that one of you has already failed and given up on your resolutions for 2017!

The 12 Week Year

A new tool I came across at the beginning of 2017 as I was researching for something else has revolutionized my planning and goal setting.  I may be jumping the gun a little since I have just began this new process in my life, but I am so excited about it because I have really lived the premise of this method for years in my insurance career.  I am excited about sharing this with my wife.  She has some goals for 2017 as well.  I wanted to get a feel of the program first before I approached her about it.  I need her for the successful implementation of this tool.  Accountability is big on my list this year! What is this tool that I have discovered?  Well, it’s so simple but yet it could be life changing.  It is called The 12 Week Year.  Now let me just be honest with you.  Some people love tools like The 12 Week Year, and then there are some who don’t need it, don’t want it, and wouldn’t use it.

My past experiences…

Case in point:  When I began my insurance career as a captive agent with one of the top companies in our state, I learned very quickly that it was important to win the contests the company would conduct throughout the year.  Simply sell enough life insurance and you would be a winner!  I also learned quickly that selling a good product through a good company simply is a numbers game.  I began to develop a spreadsheet to calculate these numbers.  Each day I knew how many people I needed to ask, how many appointments I needed to make, and how many quotes I needed to give to reach my goal of winning the contest.  The numbers were there, everyday, and all I had to do was to reach that goal that day.  I knew when I asked someone about life insurance, or made an appointment, or quoted someone exactly how much money I made.  Making the appointment brought me in the most money because chances were good if I got to speak to someone face to face in my office or at their dinner table that we would close the sale.  So numbers were and are important to me and that spreadsheet was somewhat a little motivator to me.  Now,  I failed to win some of the smaller contests but I knew why…I failed to ask or quote enough folks.  Simple.  I shared this tool with one of my fellow agents who was always in the top ten and his response was, “I just can’t keep up with all those numbers”…”I just sell!”  He is a great closer and I’m not.  I needed numbers to reach my goals while he simply needed people in front of him.

The now…

This process has become much more important for me as an independent insurance agent.  My income totally depends on my output!  Those spreadsheets would give me a number at the end of each week.  If that number was 100 or greater, it was a productive week.  Simple.  It was kind of a “feel good” thing with me if I saw 100 or more there.  And that in turn would motivate me forward to the next week.  What I found was that breaking my big goals into smaller steps was a key.  (Wow!  That’s a powerful statement!   Yeah, I know many of you have known this for years to be true)  So what has this have to do with this new tool, The 12 Week Year, I have begun to implement in my life?  Too long to explain here so follow the link above and look to see if you might could use this tool also to reach more of your goals…give it a try.  The best thing about this plan is that you can begin anytime!